Are you helping others to better their lives in some way but want to grow your platform, share your message with more people and grow your business?
How to Grow A Business That
Helps People To Change Their Lives
Component 1
Positioning Yourself
Component 2
Promoting Yourself 
Component 3
Growing Yourself & Your Business
Component 4
Expanding & Sustainability
When you strive to become one of the Bravehearts of the world then these 4 components are essential for reaching the maximum number of people and growing your business.

The Reason Heart Centered Entrepreneurs Are Struggling In Their Business is Down to Five Limiting Beliefs:
The Five Limiting Beliefs Heart Centered Entrepreneurs Have That Stops Them Growing their Business
1. You Feel Guilty About Making Money From Helping People

This is something I struggled with for such a long time and even with matters that were business related I always wanted to give my knowledge away free of charge.  The only problem with that is the more I gave away the more people would come to me to ask for advice, and the more free advice I gave the less people would implement my suggestions -

WHY? -
We don't attach value to free advice.

Your knowledge literally has the power to change someone's life and there's no value you can put on changing someone's life, but there is a value you can attach to packaging that knowledge with the time and effort you put into your products and services.

Picture this: You are looking for a weight loss product online and you come across 2 products, one is for $7 and the other one is for $97, they both have similar sales pages and they both have similar people selling them, which of them do you attach more value to?

Psychologically we attach more value to the $97 product, because we are secretly asking ourselves if someone has the secret of losing weight why on earth would they sell it for $7 when it has the potential to change someone's life?

Similarly, with coaches.  If you're a coach and only charging $25 per hour for your services, guaranteed the clients you attract will not be as willing to put in the time and effort to change than the clients who pay $200 per hour.  

So as a coach, you're hurting your business and your reputation by undercharging for services because you have 20 clients who are not getting the huge benefit from your coaching simply because they don't value you're services as it's only $25 per hour and there is not enough pain for them to change, and they will tell other people that 'She's an okay coach' and only because they didn't do the work you advised them to.

The $200 per hour client has commitment and dedication because they want to get 'their money's worth' from you.  And when they do the work and see positive change they will tell their friends 'She's a brilliant coach'

Ask yourself this: If you found a business program online for $997 that would potentially make you $10,000 in the first 6 months of you making some changes, would you buy it? AND would you implement the changes necessary?

It's exactly the same for everyone else, no matter if they're buying coaching to overcome anxiety, or a healing service that promises to cure their long standing back pain - You're not going to grow your business if you don't put a value on changing someone's life.
2. You Don't Believe You Are a Thought leader

Most of the coaches, the authors, the healers and anyone else who provides a service to help people in some way, don't think of themselves as thought leaders.

The definition of a thought leader is someone who influences another in order to bring about change in that person's life.

If you are a coach, you are a thought leader
If you are a healer, you are a thought leader
If you are a writer, you are a thought leader
If you are an artist, a musician, a sculptor, a poet, you are a thought leader

What you do, and do so well, has the power to influence the way other people perceive the world and if you are doing that - You are a thought leader!
3. You Think 'Marketing' is A Dirty Word

I get it! I used to think marketing was something that only sleazy internet marketers did, the people who tricked you into clicking a link, the people who hyped up their sales copy to get you excited by their product only to fail in their delivery of the promise, the people who showed off their big fancy houses and sports cars in order to show you just how rich they had become with their methods.

However I discovered the true meaning of marketing when I discovered a few people who were doing it in a  heart centered way.

YOU can change what marketing means and you can totally do it in a heart centered way.

Listen, you cannot change people's lives if people don't know you exist, so you have to become good at marketing yourself and your services and products, but you can do it in a giving way and in a way that supports people.
4. You Feel You Are Compromising Your integrity by 'Selling'

I have spoken to hundreds of people who are helping others in some way and THE number one reason they are not helping even more people is that they 'don't feel right about selling their products and services'

The coaches who I have spoken to who are earning $1,000 per month are comfortable with that because they are not pushing their services, so they get 1 or 2 clients per month.  When I ask them how much would you like to be making, it's usually a sum of between $5,000 and $10,000 per month to be able to live comfortably.  When I sit with them and explain that they don't need to push their services onto others, but they can pull people into their services, almost effortlessly then they quickly sit up to attention and ask me - How do I do that?

When you travel by air to another country the first thing that the flight attendant says when talking about an emergency situation is ' “put your own oxygen mask on first, and then assist others” if the cabin loses air pressure.

That is simply because you cannot help other people if you don't help yourself first.  It's exactly the same with your heart centered business.  You cannot help more people if you are not making money in your business, and you cannot make a difference in other people's lives, if you are not promoting your services.

When you sell in a heart centered way, you don't necessarily care about how much money you make, you care about how many people you can help and when you sell with that mindset, trust me, you will make more money for your business that will allow you to make a difference in more people's lives.
5. You suffer from 'Imposter Syndrome'

Imposter Syndrome is a term coined in 1978 by clinical psychologists Dr. Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne A. Imes referring to high-achieving individuals marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a "fraud".  Despite external evidence of their competence, those exhibiting the syndrome remain convinced that they are frauds and do not deserve the success they have achieved.

Many coaches, healers, writers and other service based individuals suffer from this syndrome and constantly ask themselves 'Who am I to start charging for my services?'; 'What gives me the right to call myself a coach?'; 'Why on earth would people listen to me?'

I felt this way when I started blogging, I felt this way when I started coaching, I felt this way when i started doing a Facebook live show, I felt this way when I set up my own Your Digital Formula event - But you know what got me over it?

Hearing from the people I had helped!

I receive hundreds of messages a week telling me how much my products, my services, my show, my quotes have helped people around the world.  When I read them, I feel humbled simply because I see myself as an ordinary guy who has a little more knowledge that people want to listen to and change their lives.

YOU are not an imposter, you are someone who has knowledge in a specific area that will benefit the lives of others and I would say:

It is your purpose in life to share that knowledge in order to make a difference in the world.
And It Is My Purpose To Show You How to Do That!

Becoming a member of Steven Aitchison's Your Digital Formula was one of the best decisions I have ever made ...

I knew I had a message to share, but I just wasn't sure how to get it in front of the people I truly wanted to help. Thanks to what I have learned, and the confidence I gained from being part of Steven's community of Brave Hearts, I have not only created a platform for my message but I am building a sustainable business which is aligned with my purpose in life. Allanah Hunt - Author & Personal Development Entrepreneur

This program and community have been priceless to me ...

Being a part of Steven Aitchison’s YDF program was one of the best decisions I have made in regard to taking my online success to the next level. It has provided a wealth of knowledge that would take years to learn, as well as allowing me to be a part of a community of other like-minded individuals to connect with, support and gain support from. Through YDF, we are able to share and celebrate each other’s successes, as well as collaborate, share ideas and work to help others in the group with their online presence to grow their community and share their message. 
Anne-Marie Wiesman - EFT Expert, Author, Advocate & Activist For Abuse Survivors

There are many ways to create a business, but to create one that allows me to do what I love every day, to live from my passion and to help others in the process has been and continues to be, a truly inspiring experience.

Your Digital Formula has not only changed the lives of those who have bought the program, but with their power to reach thousands more, has started a wave of positivity and kindness that reaches into every corner of the world 

I never imagined when I started, the impact this program would have. I am truly humbled and grateful for every single person who has joined me in this journey to touch the lives of millions with messages of hope, of freedom, of inspiration and of healing. - Steven Aitchison

What Can You Expect From Your Digital Formula?
Your Digital Formula is all about serving and helping others, but it's also about creating a sustainable business that supports you on your journey of delivering your message and building your platform.
Find Your Voice
  • Clarify Your Message - Learn how to combine your skills, your knowledge and your experience to find the heart of your message. What is at the core of who you are and what you wish to share?
Build Your Confidence
  • Step Into The Spotlight - It takes courage to go beyond your comfort zone, to move beyond your beliefs about yourself and to step forward into the light. But how will you reach those you wish to help if you do not?
Create A Sustainable Business
  • Discover The Secrets Of Online Business - Never before, have the lines of communication between you and your clients been so blurred. Steven generously shares the exact steps he's taken to build a successful business from his home office so that you can too!
Harness The Power Of Facebook
  • Attract Your Audience - Discover how to reach those who will benefit from your message in a way that is powerful, relationship building and fully interactive. Your Social Media presence is a huge part of building your credibility in they eyes of the people you want to help. How can you help them unless they know and trust you?
Join A Supportive Community
  • Connect With Like-Minded Brave Hearts - The Your Digital Formula community is like no other. It's a supportive and illuminating community where people from all over the world connect to share their knowledge, their experience, offer support and find companionship in a safe and uplifting environment. If you've ever felt alone on your journey, or struggled to 'fit' in this world, then this is for you! 
Building A Sustainable Heart-Centered Business Has Never Been Easier ...
Get Started With Instant Access
Get Started With Instant Access

Steven is someone I deeply admire and respect because his actions reflect his character ...

Purchasing YDF from Steven Aitchison in August 2015 was the best investment I made for my business in that year and this is still true today. I purchased Steven’s program because I wanted to learn how to use Facebook more effectively as part of my social media strategy and I wanted to reach more people and get “my message” out there. YDF has enabled me to do that and so much more. I have learnt enormous amounts from Steven about mindset, running a “heart centred” business, and sharing my message with the world. However, Steven has not been my only teacher in YDF! He has attracted amazing likeminded people to himself through this program and it has been wonderful to connect both virtually and physically with Solopreneurs around the world who have a similar mindset to myself and to learn and share in a caring, respectful environment that is conducive to mutual growth and success. I love to see my fellow Brave Hearts, and me, going from strength to strength each day. Angie Barnard - Coaching  Professional Women To Live An Inspired Life

It is rare to come across a community of like-minded people who really do care about and support each other ...

After two years of blood, sweat and tears, paying multiple thousands of dollars for coaching, courses, training and other ‘miracle’ business-building opportunities that failed to deliver on big promises, I had the good fortune to come across Steven’s Programme. And WOW. What a fantastic platform he has created here! Steven and his team area always available and 100% behind you, with the primary objective of helping you find your true voice and place in the world, and helping you to get your message out to as many people as possible. Already I have gained the clarity I needed to determine how I want to ‘brand’ myself and where I can really ‘fit’ and make a difference... something that has eluded me until I started to hear bells ringing and felt buttons being pushed left, right and centre! I know now with the support of Steven and his group, I can do what I was born to do! I have met some truly incredible people… all of them so down-to-earth but with big, big hearts… it really is a brilliant platform and I can’t thank Steven enough for the incredible work he has done in creating this community… and for wanting to make more and more people part of his success story… and consequently, their own success stories. Maria McMahon - Hypnotherapist & Author

When I first joined, I just knew I'd come home ...

"Best thing I've done. It's delightful to finally be sharing all my positive, inspiring creations with a broader, larger and more engaging audience. Producing, publishing and promoting Forward Steps is so much more fun when encircled by a group of like-minded friends who, in countless ways, support with getting each of our uplifting messages out there. Offering incredibly reliable support, amazingly practical training and a true spiritual connection with enlightened business owners who are on the same wave length. This is such an alive, warm and enthusiastic community and each time I connect, I get more clarity, feel more emboldened and am re-energised for getting into action, on the next phase of my growth and that of my business." Thea Westra - Author 
"The meaning of life is to find your gift
The purpose of life is to give it away"
- Pablo Picasso
There is something unique and wonderful about you that makes YOU the perfect person to touch the world with your message. Nobody has your voice, nobody has lived your life and nobody can reach others in the way you can. It's your story that makes you special, it's your story that will resonate with others in a way that reaches deep down and touches their heart. Only YOU can do this. This is your gift!
Perhaps the gift you have to share is the purpose for your life ...
But there's a universal law that we sometimes forget; the law of Give And Receive 
As you give ... so you receive

When you deny someone the chance to give, you reduce their feeling of self-worth, you deny them the pleasure of giving and you let them know that what you have to offer is not valuable. There will always be people who are not in a position to pay for what you have to offer but there are many ways to make a livelihood from your unique message without feeling as if "it's all about the money"!

Your Digital Formula is specifically designed to help you reach those who most need to hear your voice, 
not just those who have the money to pay ... 

Like many others I am not driven solely by a desire to make money ...

"I have been involved with helping people change their lives for over four decades now, as a teacher, coach and professional speaker. When I decided I to explore how I could reach out to more people with the kind of things I’d been doing live for years, YDF seemed to be a good vehicle for my own learning needs and for growing my online business should I decide to do so. This decision was based primarily on my admiration for the way Steven Aitchison goes about everything he does; there is a ring of authenticity about him that shines through all his work. He is business minded for sure, and not only does he know his way round online entrepreneurship but he is excellent at sharing his knowledge and modelling what he teaches. Steve Aitchison’s YDF programme and the tremendous community he has created around it, allows you to balance the ‘sharing your message AND running a successful business’ equation at the level that best suits you. I cannot speak too highly of it….yet most of all, for me, without wearing his heart on his sleeve, Steve remains passionate about helping others to replicate his own success so together we can all make a difference without selling our souls!" Keith Wells - Personal Development Teacher & Coach
One of the key strategies taught in Your Digital Formula is how to leverage the power of Facebook to reach more people, to share your message and to grow your own online community. 

As Steven Aitchison's Facebook Page currently has a following of 2,720,000 people, he's uniquely positioned to share his in depth knowledge of the world of Facebook. After all, this has been the single most powerful strategy to grow his platform and share his voice with the world.

Here's what a few of the Your Digital Formula members have to say about their success in growing their Facebook pages ...
Click On The Images Below to View A Testimonial Video
Iva Ursano
Steve Waller
Maria Flynn
Amit Sodha
Aimee Halpin
Zane Baker
David Vox
Wendy Merron
Jack V Johnson
Elle Sommer
Valdemar Galvan
Helen Murphy
Arvind Devalia
Jackie Deakin
Elisabeth Corey
Rob Cubbon
Eileen Adamson
Barrie Davenport
Get Started With Instant Access
Get Started With Instant Access

We're all better because we learn from each other ...

Being part of Steven's group means I'm connecting with like minded individuals from around the world. We're all working hard to get our message out and grow our social media platforms. It's an amazing group of people who are there to help one another grow and be successful in all lines of work. Being in the group was game changing for me and I will always be grateful to have met this special group of people. Dara Hirsch Kurtz - Author

Becoming a member of Steven Aitchison's program has made a significant change to my business ...

I wasn't sure how to get my message through to all the people I truly wanted to connect with. Becoming part of Steve's community of 'Brave Hearts', I’m now confidently building the sustainable business which was my original purpose. One of the best decisions I have ever made! 
Tom Erik Green - Personal Development Entrepreneur

I've found my tribe ...

Here's the greatest benefit to me personally: The YDF community. To belong to something that EVERYONE is living from a foundation of the abundance mentality. I've been a giver and sharer my whole life. This community is a dream come true in every facet of my business.
Amanda Foy - Emotional Strength Trainer
Brave Hearts have the courage to follow their heart, to follow their dreams and to believe that a life of freedom and flexibility is possible for them. The have the determination to reach the world with their message, to raise their voices and be heard.

Your Digital Formula not only helps you find your voice, helps your clarify your message and make a difference in the world, it also supports you on your own personal journey to build a sustainable business through the Brave Heart Community
"You've got a heart as loud as lions so why let your voice be tamed,
Baby we're a little different, there's no need to be ashamed,
You've got the light to fight the shadows so stop hiding it away,
Now we’re finally finding our voices, so take a chance,
There's no need to be afraid, I will sing with you my friend”
- Emeli Sande
Why Not Come And Join Us?
"....This is ALL About Having A Heart Centered Business
Where You create a business Doing What You Love and Your
Readers & Customers Fall in Love With You ...."

If it wasn't for Steven's group and the abundant energy and support of everyone here, I don't think I would have ever taken big leaps ...

When I joined Steven Aitchison's group I honestly wasn't sure why I was so attracted to it. But every once in a while I totally trust my instinct and I knew I had to join (even though I didn't have a specific goal for my online business). Being a part such an amazing group of heart centred entrepreneurs who are open to helping in so many ways has been amazing. If it wasn't for Steven's group and the abundant energy and support of everyone here, I don't think I would have ever taken big leaps. It's been only 6 months and we've now built a new online Hypnosis Training Program that allows me to train even more new people than I could in the past. I feel so grateful I'm part of a community of such wonderful supportive people. Steven Aitchison has created an amazing group. Thank you!. Wendy Merron - Coach & Hypnotherapist
What's Included In The Your Digital Formula Program?
  • How To Find Your Voice And Clarify Your Message
Discover 'The Belief Principle' to help you gain the confidence and clarity needed to get your message out into the world
  • Discover Your Unique Advantage
Do you know what your unique advantage is? Use 'Transcendent Belief' to give you the courage to find your unique advantage in business.
  • The Secrets To Maximising Your Facebook Page
Discover The E-Triangle and why it's so important to your success.
  • How To Get 100% Royalty Free Content To Share and Build Your Audience For Free
You don't need to pay thousands of dollars for content, discover how you can get it for free.
  • How to Get Subscribers to Your List For FREE Using Social Media
Use 'Subtle Marketing' to grow your list.
  • The Secret Behind The Most Ignored Strategy on Facebook
A lot of people know it, most people don't!
  • The Recipe for Funnelling Huge Numbers of Traffic to Your Site
Discover the 'Pic 'n' Mix Strategy' for driving traffic to your site.
  • How To Create A Product 
Discover the 'Top 0f The Funnel Formula' for releasing your fears about creating and growing a product.
  • How To Create A Fully Integrated Sales Platform
Learn all about funnels and why they can double or triple your business income.
  • The Secrets Of High Converting Low Cost Facebook Ads
You need to spend to grow, but it needn't cost you a fortune.
  • How To Build A Sustainable Business That Puts You In Charge
Build your brand, your business and your sales whilst helping others at the same time.
  • How To Measure Your Results And Why They Are So Important
If you don't know how to measure it you can't grow it!
  • Earning Strategies For Long Term Sustainability
Use 'The Ladder of Success' strategy for long term growth.
  • A Supportive Community Of BraveHearts
Our community of BraveHearts is one of the best communities on Facebook

You finally realise there is a way to get your message out to the world without compromising on your values and authenticity ...

When I started hearing the buzz around Steven Aitchison and his YDF program, something told me that at last I had found the missing ingredient I had been searching for. I was right! I initially thought YDF would just help me grow my new Facebook page. However, the program has turned out to be so much more. It is a comprehensive training in how to develop a sustainable business online. Steven has a down to earth approach that is hard to find in the hyped-up online world. The fact that he 'walks the walk' gives you great confidence in his methods from day one. Without a shadow of a doubt YDF is the best investment I have made for my business since I decided to transfer my focus online. Lorraine Emmott - Personal Development Entrepreneur

Your Digital Formula is without a doubt the best business training that I have ever invested in ...

2 and half years ago I was set on a journey to share my message of survival, positivity and motivation with the world. I started by creating an email list and a blog but everyone kept telling me that I need to get into Facebook. So I started a Facebook page that was growing but it never got the critical mass that I was after and I learned from experience that’s the best way to do something is to find a mentor who has done it and done it well! So I was on the hunt for a mentor and that’s when I found Steven Aitchison and his “Your Digital Formula” program. When I joined I was thinking the course was mainly for Facebook but to my surprise, the program Steven created was much more than that. Steven has done a marvellous job creating a program that is easy to follow and implement and to see results from within a short period of time. Steven’s teaching about creating a heart-centered business, and a customer-focused brand has enabled me to spread my message in a compelling way that resonated with my audience and helped me solidify my brand. Zane Baker - Personal Development Coach & Entrepreneur
Get Started With Instant Access
Get Started With Instant Access
If you follow the training in this course to the letter for 60 days and you aren't impressed with your results ... then I want you to send me an email so I can happily refund your money.  

I stake my reputation on everything that I create. Especially this. 

And because of that, you are backed my by 100% satisfaction guarantee. I take on all the risk. 

Either you love it, or you pay nothing. 

Sound fair? 
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