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It's Time to...
Share Your Knowledge and Make Money
Using The Power of Facebook

The Blueprint For Turning The Knowledge You Have Gained From Your Passion
And Sharing It With The World Whilst Creating An Online Business

"..If you're a Coach, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur or sell any kind of service/product online
you need to get this program..."
Have You Ever Asked Yourself Any Of These Questions?
I hate my job, is this it for me for the next 40 years?
How can I make money doing something I love?
How do other people make money online?
How can I grow my followers online?
Who the hell do I trust to show me this online stuff?
Would anybody even buy any of my products or services?
Who the hell am I to help/teach others online? 

You Are Not Alone!
Thousands of people ask themselves these questions every day. However, the sad part is that most people won't take action to find out the answers.

My name is Steven Aitchison, owner and creator of YourDigitalFormula, a program that is designed to answer all of the questions above.

My passion, my goal, my mission is to show you that there is a way to build a business online doing something you absolutely love.

I've helped hundreds of coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and people who create products and services online to massively increase their following online and build a profitable business.
If You've Watched The 10 Minute Video Above, And You Are Still Unsure, DON'T Take My Word For It, Watch These Videos From Just a Handful Of Members And See Their Results...
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Iva Ursano
Steve Waller
Maria Flynn
Amit Sodha
Allanah Hunt
Keith Wells
Angela Barnard
Zane Baker
Wendy Merron
Valdemar Galvan
Helen Murphy
Aimee Halpin
Elle Sommer
Jackie Deakin
Elisabeth Corey
Jack V Johnson
Eileen Adamson
Barrie Davenport
David Vox
Arvind Devalia
Would You Like To Become Another Success Story?
Grow Your Page 
To get more likes, more shares, more comments and truly engage your readers.
Grow Your Business
To make more sales, grow your brand and become known as a leader in your field. 
Change your Life
And start taking back control of your business, your personal life and help people from all over the world.
"....This is ALL About Having A Heart Centred Business
Where You Make Money Doing What You Love and Your
Readers & Customers Fall in Love With You and Your Business...."
What's Included In the Program?

Module 1: How to Create an Ad To Get Page Likes

Module 2: The Most Powerful Strategy in Internet Marketing

Module 3: How to Boost A Post

Module 4: How to Get 100% Royalty Free Content To Share and Build Your Audience For Free

Module 5: How to Get Subscribers to Your List For FREE

Module 6: The Most Ignored Strategy on Facebook...

Module 7: The Recipe for Funneling Huge Numbers of Traffic to Your Site

Module 8: Powerful Traffic Generating Tools
More Modules: As a member you will get all the new modules coming out soon as part of the program even when the price increases.
Modules coming Soon: Blog Traffic, Facebook Ads, Product Creation, Sales Funnels, Email Marketing, Google Analytics, 
Who Is This Program For?

You are starting out on Facebook and know there's something different you need to do in order to engage your customers and readers.

You want a better ROI for your business and to make more money.

You want to spend as little time as possible on social media but get maximum return for your time.


You are the marketing guru who wants to get ahead of the competition, whilst maximising your company's spending.

You would like to market your products and services easily and effectively.

You might have given up on Facebook thinking it wasn't worth the time and effort and needs an easy system in place.

Business Owners

You have an online or offline business and maybe not know too much about the huge potential of Facebook.

You want to target specific groups of people in order to effectively market your products and services to.

You want to have a thorough understanding of how Facebook marketing works before handing it over to someone else to manage.

Start ups

You might be a small business owner of hoping to be in business online.

You have products and services to sell and know Facebook is the place to be but you maybe don't know quite how to leverage Facebook.

You want to save time, effort and money with a proven system that works all the time.

You don't want to worry about Facebook algorithm changes all the time.
Who This is NOT For
 If you're looking for a system that is a get rich quick scheme, this is not for you (btw, these systems do not exist)
If you want a system but don't want to put in the effort of truly learning the full  potential for your business.
If you don't really care about your readers and customers and just want to sell, sell, sell without building relationships.
Love It or Pay Nothing!
If you follow the training in this course to the letter for 30 days and you aren't impressed with your results... 

Then I want you to send me an email so I can happily refund your money.  

I stake my reputation on everything that I create. Especially this. 

And because of that, you are backed my by 100% satisfaction guarantee. I take on all the risk. 

Either you love it, or you pay nothing. 

Sound fair? 

Price Rising soon to $997 
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